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Testimonials / What Our Community Says

  • Liz Scott GrahamI've led efforts in our community to promote sustainability and preserve our connection with nature. I support Las Pilitas Resources because they will balance the need to produce a much-needed local resource while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, establishing a large conservation easement and open space area on their property, and offsetting any environmental impacts, which will ensure a healthy future for everyone living in Santa Margarita.
     Liz Scott Graham's signature
    Liz Scott Graham, Conservationist
  • John PhilbrickMy family's been here since the 1890's. Like my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, I love this place. Since hearing about the Las Pilitas Resources proposal, I decided to sit down with the local ownership and hear about their plans to effectively address our water resources. They've developed a great plan: rock will not be washed on-site and everyone else's groundwater will be protected. I couldn't be more proud to support this project and I applaud the local owners for meeting with me to talk more about their plans. John Philbrick's signature

    John Philbrick, Parkhill Road, 4th Generation Santa Margarita Resident
  • Kathy LoftusI've lived in Santa Margarita my entire life and I've always loved our town's strong sense of community. I support Las Pilitas Resources because the local partnership will preserve our tradition of community building while providing a needed resource. The partners are good people and continue to try and make their project the best it can possibly be by going above and beyond to best manage their water use, noise, air quality and traffic. I have no doubt this project will benefit our community.
     Kathy Loftus' signature
    Kathy Loftus, Lifelong Santa Margarita Resident
  • Carl LeeI support Las Pilitas Resources because they will contribute to our local economy and employ local residents while providing our area with a much-needed local resource. In the coming years, our aggregate needs will continue to grow as we repair and rebuild our roads, streets and infrastructure. Las Pilitas Resources will allow us to meet these needs without impacting our small-town character. Carl Lee's signature

    Carl Lee, Business Owner, Parkhill Road, Santa Margarita Resident
  • Jamie FernandesI'm a mom and resident living near the Las Pilitas Resources site. I know the applicants and they are good local people. I'm confident they will continue to work with us and other nearby residents to ensure the protection of our peaceful neighborhood. Las Pilitas Resources will not allow trucks to be staged anywhere off-site and won’t operate at night. I'm glad that they've improved the project and continue to listen to me, my neighbors and our community to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between all of us living in Santa Margarita.
     Jamie Fernandes' signature

    Jamie Fernandes, Parkhill Road, Santa Margarita Resident
  • Eric ClevelandI grew up in Santa Margarita and now my wife and I are raising our children here. Both my kids go to Santa Margarita Elementary School and as a parent, I have concerns for the safety of my children and their future. I have spoken to the partners of Las Pilitas Resources Mike Cole and Steve Souza about their project. Both of them grew up here and share the same concerns. After visiting the project site and hearing how they have addressed everyone's concerns and the benefits it will bring to our community, I'm joining countless others in support of Las Pilitas Resources. Eric Cleveland's signature

    Eric Cleveland, Santa Margarita Area Resident
  • Mike FontesI support Las Pilitas Resources because the project will lower greenhouse gas emissions and preserve the area's air quality by reducing the need to transport aggregate from out of the area. The project will also enforce measures to minimize dust and continue working with the county and Air Pollution Control District to keep fresh air for everyone living in Santa Margarita.
     Mike Fontes' signature
    Mike Fontes, Local Resident, College Professor
  • Rick JohansenAs a resident and local business owner, I support the locally-owned Las Pilitas Resources proposal and I applaud their commitment to continue investing in our community. Their investment will lead to job creation and provide a much-needed resource to our County both for private and public use - the material they produce will help lower costs for our public infrastructure such as road and street repair and lead to improvements for our schools and libraries. Their plan has been designed with the community in mind, ensuring minimal water usage and a traffic plan that is sensitive to local residents. I support the Las Pilitas Resources proposal. Rick Johansen's signature

    Rick Johansen, Atascadero Resident and Local Business Owner